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Aqua Arthritis (All Ages) Tues/Thurs, 11-11:45am

This aquatic program is designed to help: reduce pain, decrease feeling of isolation through social interaction, and gain strength and flexibility to improve your day-to-day life. This Aquatic Arthritis class, led by a certified instructor, is designed to be a fun, safe way for people with arthritis to exercise and stay fit.

Instructor: Brandon Ware. Location: Jim Barnett Park Indoor Pool. Fee: Included in the Facility Membership, or Drop-In: $5 R, $5.50 NR.

Water Aerobics Mon/Wed/Fri, 11am-Noon

This water exercise class is designed for all swimming abilities. Water aerobics uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a wide variety of conditioning activities. Taught by a certified instructor, no swimming is required, and floatation devices are used frequently. Water exercises help increase your energy, stamina, and strength.

Instructor: Olivia Legge. Location: Jim Barnett Park, Indoor Pool. Fee: Included in the Facility Membership; Drop-In:$5 R, $5.50 NR.

Zumba (Ages 12+) Mon/Wed, 6:30-7:30pm

Zumba is the hottest dance party workout today! You will not even feel like you are working out while you Zumba. It is a total body workout using the most popular music that makes you feel good. Zumba utilizes fitness, burns calories, tones muscles, and improves balance and incorporates a full range of motion.

Instructor: Amanda Floyd. Location: Social Hall at the War Memorial Building. Fee: Included in the Facility Membership; Drop-In: $5 R, $5.50 NR.

Yoga Tues, 8-9am Thurs, 8:30-9:30am

Restoration, rejuvenation, renewal! Imagine your body cradled and fully supported by blankets, pillows and bolsters. Imagine quiet breathing, soft music, guided meditation as deep calm and stillness washes over you. This is called restorative yoga. Now imagine inviting the mind into a conscious form of deep sleep called yoga Nidra, a deep meditation. This class is intended to induce full body relaxation.

Instructor: Jeff Hollar. On-going class starting Jan. 6. 8-9am (Tuesdays) and 8:30-9:30am (Thursdays), in the Recreation Room at the War Memorial Building. Fee: Included in the Facility Membership; Drop-In:$5 R, $5.50 NR.

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