Details for Swim 102
622213-M7 (Classes/Instructional)

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All registrants: 07/01/2019 @ 5:30A - 07/11/2019 @ 12:00A
Swim 101/102 is designed to turn beginners into swimmers using a progressive child-focused approach. The fundamentals of swimming such as kicking, breath control, and floatation are taught at this level. Each child will wear a floatation device which allows them to focus on developing the skill rather than trying to stay above water. As the child builds confidence in all the skills the amount of floatation can be decreased allowing the child to become less reliant on the float and more reliant on their skills. Swimmers will be actively practicing skills and have little down time utilizing the lesson time to the fullest. Children must be able to swim 15 feet with their face in the water in order to pass this class.